Ann Hutchinson

Author, copywriter, philosopher and entrepreneur

Ann Hutchinson has authored numerous works of short fiction, articles and memoir, mostly as Ann Wilkes, and co-edited the anthology Cry of the Nightbird: Writers Against Domestic Violence to raise awareness about domestic violence and support its survivors (all proceeds go to the YWCA).

Writing marketing copy has been a passion of Ann’s since she was five years old. Watching reruns of Bewitched, she was more interested in writing attention-getting ad campaigns like Darren, than twitching her nose to make magic happen. For her, the clever turns of phrase were the magic.

She has been writing, in one form or another, all her life. She has been coming up with clever ways to express philosophical truths since her teen years. Her discovery and mastery of flash fiction and memoir (works under 1000 words) led her back to marketing copy, because she learned to be the queen of concise.

Building on her passion for dancing to live music, in 2014, Ann created an online calendar that lists all the places to dance to live music in Sonoma County (when there is not a pandemic afoot). Through her community service organization, Sonoma County Dance Beat, she acts as talent buyer, event coordinator, emcee and, with her husband and dance partner, Kevin Hutchinson, teaches partner dancing.

When she is not dispensing words of encouragement, hope and inspiration here, or through her songwriting, she is dancing, singing, walking, reading or enjoying a single malt scotch.

Photos of Ann by Jean Von Trende Photography