Rose-petal rain in the morning sun

Rose petals rain down in the morning sun

Does the mother bird know…
What a sweet-smelling home she builds in the tree?
Does the 12-foot rose tree know…
It is supposed to be a bush?

We have endured a week of rain for such a day

The bird is one of those pesky jays.
But now it is just an expectant mother.
She wove her bowl of twigs high
Among soft flowers, guarded by large thorns.

A train whistles, stirring memories, clearing its path

Did mama bird intentionally choose that side…
That stretches over the silky lambs’ ear?
Was she planning ahead,
Imagining her child’s first flight?

A dove’s plaintive coo is cut off by a crow’s caw

Mother Jay flies to the peak of a nearby roof
And surveys backyards, looking for threats,
For food sources near enough, but not too near
She flaps her wings, shaking off forebodings.

A warm wind brings a shower of pink petals

Mother Jay tilts her head, seems to look at me
Does she know we are one?
Two mothers surveying the surroundings
Giving thanks for the sun?

by Ann Hutchinson 5/2/2017

Riding the waves and staying in tune

Life is not a straight line, but rather a squiggly one – like a sound wave. We oscillate with Life and are most free when we let go, moving naturally to the music. There is no struggle to stay in tune, though the music may, at times, take us through uncomfortable places.

A twisting river, finds its outlet, and is in no hurry to reach it. We move to where we need to be faster when we float, trusting Life’s current, instead of struggling in panic.

My truth for today is: Do the next right thing, and let go of the outcome.

What’s yours?

Right here. Right now.

Now. This moment. There are joys here. Sights, sounds, smells, textures – and sometimes taste, can be found in the now. Close your eyes and hear the birds singing. Feel how silky the dog’s ear is. Feel the breeze upon your face. Notice the variations of color in the trees, the hills, the sky. Savor the sweet and the salty delights that cross your palette. Smell the honeysuckle, the linen fresh of the clothesline. We are surrounded by beauty; the mark of love is everywhere.

Love is in this moment. Bask in it. There is just now and you are an expression of love and completely whole. You bless the world by just being. Slow down and be. Be still and know that God is love and so are you.