Love Is Thicker Than the Smoke

Coffey Park photo by Jason Baldwin

I live in Sonoma County.

Yes — The one that was on fire for nearly two weeks. The fire that made thousands homeless in an instant.

So many stories have arisen from the ashes that need to be heard. So many heroic rescues, stories of strength and courage, of redemption, love and hope. They cannot be forgotten as soon as the fire trucks return to their respective counties and states.

Cry of the Nightbird: Writers Against Domestic Violence was born because I couldn’t bear that these beautiful, gut-wrenching stories, which DV survivors had gathered the courage to tell, would be lost after  just a few readings to very small audiences. What Michelle Wing did through Writers Speak Out Against Domestic Violence was phenomenal.  I had to help her bring those stories to a wider audience. And did, together with her and our mutual friend, Kate Farrell.

It’s time to do it again.

Help me to do it again. And no, it is not too soon. We must act while details are fresh, and while the telling will bring some much-needed healing. Carol Hightshoe of Wolfsinger Publications has agreed to publish the book. The Love Is Thicker Than the Smoke (working title) will benefit those directly affected by the firestorm that devastated our county. No one needs to be a writer to be included. I will gather the stories from first responders, witnesses and survivors, and write them with the utmost care and respect, working closely with all those involved and enlisting others to help with editing and art.

If you or someone you know has a story to tell, contact me soon here. #StrongerTogether #SonomaStrong

Lastly, my profound thanks to all the first responders who came from near and far and worked tirelessly to keep us and our homes from harm. We can never repay you.


Riding the waves and staying in tune

Life is not a straight line, but rather a squiggly one – like a sound wave. We oscillate with Life and are most free when we let go, moving naturally to the music. There is no struggle to stay in tune, though the music may, at times, take us through uncomfortable places.

A twisting river, finds its outlet, and is in no hurry to reach it. We move to where we need to be faster when we float, trusting Life’s current, instead of struggling in panic.

My truth for today is: Do the next right thing, and let go of the outcome.

What’s yours?