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Solar Works 


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Bjold yogurt
Be bjold! Add some culture to your diet!

Some people can’t go a day without eating or drinking a particular something, whether it’s coffee, peanut butter, chocolate or (fill in the blank).  We can’t go a day without yogurt. And why should we? Like the peanut butter fanatic who puts peanut butter on waffles, ice cream and sliced apples, we say there are few foods that defy the yogurt pairing. Here’s just a few ideas to get you started. Read them through, then send us yours. The more outrageous the better. But please, keep it tasteful.

  1. Cereal: Hot or cold – who needs milk?
  2. Fruit salad: Toss your fruit in yogurt with a dash of cinnamon for zing.
  3. Waffles: Who needs buttermilk? And you can still go crazy with fruit and nuts.
  4. Cookies & muffins: Add for flavor, or as an egg substitute (1/4 C per egg).
  5. Frosting: Add real maple syrup or jam, and frost cakes.
  6. Fish: Scrap the tartar sauce! Add dill and lemon, and lay it on.


Sonoma County Dance Beat 



Glendi International Food Festival
Voice 1: (Sigh) I need a vacation. Some place really different with exotic music, delicious food and friendly people.

Voice 2: No need to make travel reservations. Just gather up the family and come to (add music) GLENDI, Sonoma County’s favorite ethnic food festival, right here in Santa Rosa, this Saturday and Sunday. Come feast on gyros, piroshki, sarma and spicy Eritrean food. Enjoy Sonoma County Wines, microbrewery beer, Greek coffee or Retsina. Visit the bakery for dessert and dance it off to the hypnotic Balkan rhythms of EDESSA. Check out the ethnic crafts, bookstore, church tours, and kid’s area. There’s something for everyone at the 14thAnnual Glendi International Food Festival this Saturday 11AM-9PM and Sunday noon-6 at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, 90 Mtn View Ave., Santa Rosa. Only $5 for adults and kids under 12 are free. For information call 584-9491. Remember Glendi is Greek for “party”!  Opah!