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Words of Hope

Man with v-neck collar kneeling by a toddler girl in a dress and tights in a stroller.

What Wasn’t Said

I knew Dad was dying since I was 8. It was the 70s and no one talked about it or asked how I was. But that’s when the mourning began.

Woman with dark hair in bun and black eye with her face in hands looking into mirror.

Primary Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence

Systemic social changes are needed for primary prevention of IPV and to help women leave abusive relationships. What if, instead of a man who beats his wife, Johnny grows up to be a man who would never dream of dominating and abusing a woman?

gunmen in silhouette with large superimposed school crossing sign that reads school shooting

Preventing School Shootings at Their Source

School shootings across the nation have become epidemic. These incidents are a symptom of a larger social problem. In this article, I’m going to outline some root causes and ways we can address these issues in order to prevent even the idea of committing gun violence.