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One Last Parting

Graveyard at daytime. Tombstones leaning.

I wrote this poem, while reflecting on a recent trip to a cemetery, taking a few liberties for the sake of rhyme, meter, and interest.

The lawn sponges under my Doc Martens
Hairs raise on the back of my neck
Clouds cast shadows over gray markers
Names and dates of no one I know
Here and there . . . smiling cameos 
Bely the bones and dust below
Mourners gather on a hill
Sunbeams light a family crypt
Nature inhales, soft and still
My sorrow, like a wetsuit, clings
Heavy with emptiness, regret
Once a dull ache, again it stings
I wasn’t ready for us to part
But know you neither need nor hurt
Living on in Love’s own heart
Your legacy, it will resound
It lives on lips, in actions
Not in this forgotten ground