Our home, our responsibility

Our planet, like our bodies, has the natural ability to heal itself, but like our bodies, it needs our conscious, proactive efforts to support this process. Below is my response to a Facebook post that posed the question, “What did you do today to help the planet?”

Today, I did these:
1) Used the same towel again after my shower
2) Used homemade deodorant from a repurposed canning jar
3) Used a reusable lunch bag
4) Brought yogurt in a reusable container from a larger tub.
5) Recycled my sparkling water can
6) Walked home from work
7) Washed my clothes in cold water
8) Hung my clothes on line
9) Made oatmeal from bulk steel cut oats that I soaked overnight to reduce cooking time (and energy used)
10) Used soap from refillable soap dispenser
11) Used a cloth napkin
12) Composted my dead flowers and dead fruit
13) Used my own, reusable water bottle
I’m sure I have forgotten other stuff that has just become habit.

So, then it occurred to me. This all seems like a duh. It’s a long list of things I take as just being a responsible person. The least we can do. But some people’s idea of helping the planet is still just not being a litter bug. I guess that makes me an environmentalist? I still feel like I could do so much more. We need to ALL be environmentalists. This is our home. Not someone else’s problem or someone else’s fight.