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Dealing with father loss

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Revisiting the Beginning of My Grief

Aside from the usual pastimes, I loved to tell stories and to dance. At seven or eight, I remember my tap and ballet teacher telling my mom she wanted to move me up a level. I don’t think anything, up to that point, had made me more proud. That’s before my life went sideways.

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What Wasn’t Said

I knew Dad was dying since I was 8. It was the 70s and no one talked about it or asked how I was. But that’s when the mourning began.

sad woman sitting on beach with knees drawn up and a hand and elbow on knee

Gut-wrenching Reading and Writing

The Artist’s Way, anyone? Wow. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s a book by Julia Cameron for artists of every stripe to get in touch with the artist within. And it can get very intense. More so, still, when you pair it with a book that has you working through your grief with writing assignments. Comic relief might have been a better choice.